The total amount of rain that fell in Boulder County during the September Flood of 2013, from September 10 to September 16. This information was aquired by NOAA, Earth System Research Laboratory, Physical Science Division, Climate Analyis Branch, and taken from there web page titled Boulde area flood of September 2013: Precipitation. This information is from the Advanced Hydrological Prediction Service. The URL of the this page is page showed the total accumlation precpitation fro the period starting 12 UTC 9/9/2013 and ending 12 UTC 9/16/2013. There is a 6 hour time difference from UTC to Mountain Daylight Time, so map shows the total accumlation from 9/8 at 6:00PM to 9/16 at 6:00 PM. Process:The data was in .png file format and would need to be converted to .tif file for use in ArcMap.Add the raster dataset that you want to align in ArcMap.Add a layer that resides in your current map coordinates. For our purposes, the County boundary was used.Add the georeferencing toolbar.Using the georeferencing toolbar, Add control points that link known raster positions to your existing data.Save the georeferenced image when satisfied.Repeat for each of the precipitation rasters.Create feature classes for each raster timeframe.The following fields were added to record the precipitation amounts.RainfallMinRainfallMaxDigitize or sketch a polygon defining the features shape.Update the attributes for each field, using the precipitation amounts available in the raster legend.

Dataset Attributes

  • RainfallMin
    4 to 18
  • RainfallMax
    5 to 20
  • Shape
  • Shape.area
  • Shape.len


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